December 5, 2019 | 12:01 pm
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Souq Al Jubail launches Dates Fest expected to last until end of August

A “Dates Festival” was launched at Souq Al Jubail (SQAJ) and will last until the end of August, 2019. The event provides shoppers and visitors an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of fresh dates, imported especially to meet their needs.

This year’s festival witnessed a wide participation of date farmers and traders from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, as part of SQAJ’s efforts in cooperating with sister countries. This will enable consumers in the UAE to have dates, coming from their original countries, at suitable prices. It also helps visitors learn about the various types of dates grown in the region.

The Dates Festival is one of the most successful annual festivals organised by SQAJ. This is due to the great interest shoppers have in dates, and the various uses of dates by families in hospitality and confectionery. The SQAJ management continuously works towards enhancing the festival to increase its appeal and attraction and have more farmers and traders participate in it.

The festival is witnessing a large turnout of shoppers, who benefit from a certain types of the dates which received the lion’s share of the festival’s sales especially Nighal, Khunaiziri, Ratna and Jabali and others.

Souq Al Jubail, Sharjah’s largest fresh produce market, is a development project of Sharjah Asset Management. Strategically located in the heart of Sharjah City, SQAJ is a family and tourist destination, designed to meet the needs of citizens and residents for all types of meat and fresh fish, vegetables and fruits at competitive prices.


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