January 29, 2020 | 4:14 am
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Romet Group CEO “not ruling out” Dubai eatery  

The CEO of UK’s emerging hospitality consortium has confirmed that Dubai is an area of interest to develop their restaurant brands as they continue their development across the UK.

Dogan Kaya of Romet Group who has been very vocal about the effect Brexit will have on his business won’t ruling out international development.

Romet Group are behind eatery brands such as Pivaz Restaurants, Venerdi Restaurant, The Vincent and Cod&Co to name a few.

In a candid chat, Kaya told us “We are continuing to look at options to expand internationally, I can’t just flat out say no. I am not ruling out a Dubai eatery”

When quizzed about other countries of interest, Kaya told us “At present our group strategy is based around trying to introduce new eatery brands and restaurants that allow us to grow our customer base.”


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