December 6, 2019 | 1:34 am
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Optimum Film Fund seals the deal for British movies

Film investment is an area of great interest to many of our readers and today we look at a new opportunity which has emerged in London: The Optimum Film Fund based in Belgravia which has been set up in response to the UK government shut down of their EIS tax reliefs for film investors. Although this dealt a heavy blow to British film makers, the team behind Optimum have responded swiftly and proactively with a new fund structure which puts investors first. There is no UK tax mitigation component to their model, making it a great bet for international investors who have often been put off investing in British films because they were unable to take advantage of many of the inherent benefits.

Optimum’s fund is open to investors worldwide and we understand the business is already looking at locations for a Dubai office as well as one in Singapore.

With the Principals coming from legal, accountancy and financial backgrounds in the City, Optimum’s strong core teem is business savvy beyond the film industry and draws together a shared track record of over 70 years in commerce. This makes it particularly friendly to advisors looking to place client funds.

Based in the heart of London’s Belgravia, the fund has already built strong relationships with key London production companies and is expected to announce its debut slate in September, focussed mainly on the action and crime genres. The fund will only work with established producers with strong track records and has apparently been flooded with projects since opening its doors earlier this month. It has a completion bond policy and is dedicated to minimising investor risk, focussing on pre-sales opportunities which were for many years precluded by EIS regulations.

We will be running exclusive interviews with the team behind the Optimum Film Fund later in the summer when they will be offering an insight into their selection process and exactly how their model works.

But for now, Optimum Film Management gets our seal of approval – if you’re thinking of investing in movies, Optimum is the company to start with. For more information visit


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