August 21, 2019 | 6:55 pm
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Jeep sponsors the Tough Mudder Oman Event

Jeep was the sponsor of the Tough Mudder Oman 2018, the renowned global sporting event filled with challenge, adventure, and excitement, that was held in Oman for the first time. Dhofar Automotive, as the official distributor of Jeep vehicles in Oman, wanted to ensure it was present for physically challenging events such as this. People with passion for physical challenges participate in competitions such as these as they required a high level of physical capability and tolerance; which as it turns out are also the key features of any Jeep. This challenge was open to both adults and children and is notable for not actually having a specific ending time to overcome the series of obstacles, laid out over a route 5km long. There was also a separate route laid out for children (ages 7-12) and was about 1.6 km long.

Commenting on this event Biju Luckose, the Marketing Manager of Dhofar Automotive said, “Dhofar Automotive’s sponsorship of the challenge, which attracts more than three million participants in more than 150 events across nine different countries, and now held in Oman for the first time, was to promote Jeep’s renowned capabilities across all its model range; especially their ability to go anywhere, even if it means driving across the toughest of terrains and challenging obstacles. A Jeep is well-known for its power and ability to take on any adventure. We sponsored this challenge to encourage everyone to try and take on their own adventures and physical challenges, as well as to showcase the various features of vehicles sold under the Jeep brand.”

“Dhofar Automotive supports and sponsors several events across Oman which helps it get closer to its customers across the country. Jeep models such as Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and Compass are all available for sale at Dhofar Automotive. We would like to invite all Jeep enthusiast in Oman to come and visit their nearest Dhofar Automotive showroom to learn about the latest Jeep models or book a test drive.” Added Biju.


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