July 15, 2019 | 5:53 am
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Dubai doctor diagnoses absent ovaries in young girl

Emirates Hospital-Jumeirah (EHJ), an Emirates Healthcare Company and an internationally recognised 100-bed beacon of progress in the region’s healthcare system, is treating an interesting case. When 7-year-old Maryam from Syria complained of abdominal pain, her parents thought she had an upset stomach. However, repeated complaints led to a consultation with a doctor at EHJ and a diagnosis of Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP).

While doctors were investigating the abdominal pain, they noticed that Maryam’s abdominal sonography revealed absent ovaries and an abnormally small uterus. An MRI confirmed their findings.

“When we discovered that Maryam had absent ovaries, we realised that the child was suffering from one of three conditions – external genitalia that look like a girl’s although the person has male sex chromosomes, absent ovary syndrome or a hormonal disorder.

Karyotyping revealed the presence of XX chromosomes, proving that the child was female. Her hormonal tests were also clear, probably due to her age,” explained Dr Sripradha Sudarsanam, Specialist Paediatrician at Emirates Hospital-Jumeirah.


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