June 5, 2020 | 6:46 pm
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Make this year’s Eid special with these gifts

La Marquise Jewellery present an exquisite EID gift guide to celebrate this very special time of year. Bring on the holiday cheer and celebrate with those close to your heart. Intricately designed in gold with fine diamonds, these pendants are precious tokens of your love and affection. Display your love with a heart shaped pendant or celebrate the advent of EID with the thin crescent moon pendant.

(1) Allah pendant – AED 1,615

(2) Allah heart pendant – AED 1,615

(3) Allah moon pendant – AED 1,805

La Marquise’s designers have worked an array of semi precious stones into the Eid designs, adding a flare of colour and joy at this special time. If you’re looking to add some fashion forward yet refined accessories to your look then look no further than the contemporary Gap Ring Collection which offers both simplistic and stylish designs.

(1) Sapphire gap ring – AED 3,320

(2) Emerald gap ring – AED 3,810

(3) Sapphire swirl ring – AED 3,615

Accessorise with a stunning matching earring and pendant set such as this Fuchsia Quartz with an intricate coiled gold design or the Diamond and pearl collection below. These pieces are vibrant and charming, tying in with the seasonal essentiality of celebration and devotion.

(1) Fuchsia Quartz earrings – AED 1,615

(2) Fuchsia quartz pendant – AED 1,900

(3) Pearl diamond pendant – AED 2,880

(4) Pearl diamond earring – AED 6,150

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